Stereo|5.1|7.1|Dolby Atmos

Mixing with Pro Tools Ultimate in our acoustically treated studio we give your audio the professional finish it needs to impress your audience and clearly communicate your message.

We tailor our mixes for the final broadcast medium so, whether it’s the big screen or a mobile phone, you can be sure your mix will translate perfectly.

Our loyal clients are a diverse bunch, meaning we are lucky enough to work on a wide rage of projects. Cinema Commercial mixing, Cinema Trailer mixing, TV Commercials, TV Trailers, TV Spots, Documentary mixing, Feature Film Audio Post, Software & Gaming App Sound, Radio Spots, Teasers, Promo mixing, Virals, Spotify Adverts, Short film mixing, Corporate Films, Audiovisual Branding and Music Videos!

DCP Audio Mixing – If you’re creating content for cinema and finishing to DCP (Digital Cinema Package) we can finish these 5.1 or 7.1 theatrical mixes at Hurricane Sound. We can also help arrange for you to review / tweak the mix with clients in a London theatre for added piece of mind if the budget allows.

Dolby Cinema Mixing – If you need to acquire a Dolby Licence for your creation, you need to master in a Dolby Theatre. We are experienced in premixing your tracks – in 5.1. 7.1 or Dolby Atmos – before ‘going to theatre’, saving you huge amounts of time and money in the process.

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