For over fifteen years we’ve been looking after all aspects of audio post production – everything from feature films to social videos – but we’re best known for our work on high-end Film TrailersCommercials and Promos.

We’re proud to partner with many of London’s top creative agencies, producing and mixing award-winning audio for Cinema, TV, Radio and Digital productions.

Earning our clients’ trust to mix every project to the highest technical standards, meeting deadlines and consistently exceeding expectations is what we’re all about.

Our workflows are extremely efficient – spending less time on asset-admin leaves more to focus on doing our best work and providing a first class service to our valued clients.

We finish hundreds of 5.1 Cinema Trailers each year in our theatre at Hurricane.  Clients are welcome to attend their mixes, or we can arrange for a review session in central London where that is more convenient.

Having your project mixed before it goes to a central London studio for review and tweaks provides significant cost savings, irons out any technical problems in advance and gives our clients greater creative control & confidence in finishing sound for cinema.

We strive to get the very best from each project and believe this requires the right blend of technical expertise and insightful creativity. We’re confident it’s a mix you’ll enjoy!