Trusted Audio Post Production


Thom Paisley – Senior Audio Engineer

40,000+ studio hours across 22 years, including 6 years at a major Soho facility, with broad reaching experience across audio finishing.

Jack Munro – Audio Engineer

Jack is a hugely talented audio engineer and, since joining Hurricane in Jan 2020, has become an integral part of the team.


Based in a former military factory, our studios are a sanctuary from the outside world.  Purpose built to meticulous standards in 2022, Theatre 1 is our newest studio and is 5.1 and 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos capable.  Studio 2 was designed by and built by The Studio People, with additional tuning by GIK Acoustics.  Main monitoring in both studios is delivered by Unity Audio Boulders and Genelec for surrounds.  Our high-end studios ensure mixes translate perfectly into their intended environment.

STEREO,  5.1,  7.1  & DOLBY ATMOS

We bring your pictures to life by mixing and mastering your audio, optimising it for the final broadcast medium – be it Cinema, TV, Radio or Digital. Yes, you will hear the difference! Find out more.


From bespoke sound design for animation to hard-hitting ‘flap-your-trousers’ trailer effects, we have a huge library of sounds and many of our own custom recordings.


We clean audio, such as poor location recordings, using state-of-the-art hardware and AI empowered software. We really can work magic here so get in touch and let us help. Find out more.


Loudness requirements, frame rate conversions and pitch corrections, fold-downs, LtRts, NDMEs – Whatever the delivery spec, we can adapt your audio to meet the requirements. We have the necessary tools, and an ear for detail, to ensure quality is preserved across all your deliverables.


We no longer offer VO recording but we work closely with several other studios and will be pleased to recommend one for your voiceover session.

All our projects – big and small – are treated with the same level of

enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism.

Sound good? Get in touch – we’re always listening.


On demand – same day / next day service

Flexible bookings – no cancellation fees

Fair billing policy – pay only for the time used

Free 12 month project archiving