Voiceover – Studio Booth & ISDN

We have invested in the very best equipment for our Central London Voiceover Studio. Top-of-the-range microphones, pre-amps, and something you won’t find in many voice over booths… a comfortable chair that doesn’t squeak!

Whether it be for a movie trailer, a corporate video or a new app, our great sounding voiceover recordings will elevate your project.

Our Central London voiceover studio is conveniently located on Great Portland Street, W1, just 30 seconds’ walk from Oxford Circus Underground. And for voiceover artists located further afield, we have ISDN for connecting to voiceover talent worldwide.

ISDN is a high bandwidth audio link, allowing us to hear the artist as though they were in our own recording booth! You will clearly hear every nuance of the read, ensuring you get the right performance for your production.
Our Skype connection allows producers and directors to interact with the recording session, even if they can’t make it to the studio in person.

We’ve provided voiceover recording services for Redwood, Wonderland, Hixville, Synchronicity, Feref, The Dream Factory, Hot House IWG, AB Design, Falmouth University, Zealot, Cherry, Creation, among many others.

Recording voiceover talent such as Huey Morgan, Tom Baker, Simon Pegg, Harry Hill, Amanda Burton, Tony Blackburn, Phil Jupitus, Sue Johnston, Matthew Kelly, James Nesbitt, Adrian Bower, Chris Fairbanks, June Sarpong, Peter O’Toole, Donald Sutherland, Terence Stamp, Sam Mendes, Stephen Woolley, John Hodgkinson, Fiona Allen, Hal Douglas, Don Lafontaine, Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Lindsey De Paul and Sarah Parrish.

Get in touch and we’ll find the best option for you.